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I.N.C.incorporado - MC/ Producer/ Co-founder

I.N.C.incorporado started producing music under the alias of SR.Elemento in 1997. He has produced songs for different artists from the underground Hip-Hop scene from Puerto Rico and Europe over the years. At the same time, he works as an "artist" under the name of Jorge Rivera. Since he broke out in to the international art circuit back in 1998 he has traveled the world making social commentaries on culture, gender, homelessness and other social problems that reflect the system that he despises and at the same time is a part of. His music released under Vida Cafre embodies all of these experiences into not only his music, but also his lyrics. His music is a deconstruction and an enigmatic reflection of the syncretized culture from where he comes from, Puerto Rico. He is a "Bio-Product" as Foucault would have said. Conscious of this he takes full advantage of it, mixing samples from old Latin American music or "musica del ayer" (music from yesterday) as he likes to put it, with deep Hip-Hop/electro beats, electronic influenced melodies and layers creating a landscape of sound for his voice to walk in. Making you not only enjoy the music and dance to it, but at the same time think and reflect from Socrates to the last time you brushed your teeth.

Moña P.L. - MC/ Co-founder

Moña P.L. is an MC involved in the underground hip-hop scene from Puerto Rico since the late 90’s. He has been part of different groups like Tripulación Central, Local 12, and Madsteelo. He has collaborated with different bands ranging in style from punk to electronic music like Actitud Subversiva (punk) and Human Error now know as Vliot (experimental electronic music with a twist of jazz). With Madsteelo under the record label Creaciones Carasucia he released two albums “Macaco de Corriente” and the latest “Uva de Playa”. He has also worked on musical collaborations for independent films from Puerto Rico such as the movie “Barrios: The story of Camello”. Moña P.L. is now working on the production of his first solo album and the album“Navaja de doble Filo” in conjunction with I.N.C.incorporado soon to be released under Vida Cafre.

Amy B. - Co-Founder

Amy B. is a Co-founder of Vida Cafre and has an extensive background in Music and Art. She plays an integral part in the development of Vida Cafre. She is the creative director, webmaster, and is a manager and curator of art exhibitions for Vida Cafre.